It's time for piston mud pumps to enter the 21st century. Centerline hydraulic drive mud pumps utilize common, industry-proven, and easily obtained fluid end parts. Designed to give you flow capacity advantages, pressure advantages, size and weight advantages you won't find anywhere else. Built to some of the most demanding specifications in the industry, these pumps are built to last.

Centerline Manufacturing is pleased to introduce their line of hydraulic drive mud pumps. Since 1983, Centerline Manufacturing has been involved in the design, manufacture, and production of drilling equipment, support equipment, and tooling for the water well industry.  Our line of mud pumps include several new milestone technologies not found anywhere else in the industry.    

Dimensions and Weights:

Aluminum Models

Mono: 17" W x 77.3" L x 32" H. 625 Lbs.


Duplex: 34" W x 77.3" L x 32" H. 1300 Lbs.


Triplex: 51" W x 77.3" L x 32" H. 1985 Lbs.

Note: Pump dimensions do not include suction fittings in the length, or discharge chambers in the height.