Centerline Manufacturing began development of their first hydraulic drive mud pump in 1983.  The challenges encountered with the first prototype were analyzed over the next 17 years and a second prototype was built in 2000.  Testing and evaluation of that prototype led to a 3rd prototype that year.  Testing and evaluation of this 3rd prototype led into design of the production model led straight into production and the first Centerline production pumps were delivered fall of 2001.


  • 1983 - R&D project for hydraulic drive mud pump began
  • 1983 - First prototype built, evaluated and tested in field operations
  • 2000 - Second prototype built, evaluated
  • 2000 - Third prototype built, evaluated
  • 2000 - Patent Pending status acquired
  • 2000 - Centerline hydraulic drive mud pump is introduced at the NGWA expo in Las Vegas
  • 2001 - First Production models delivered
  • 2002 - First duplex installed on Ingersoll-Rand T3W by customer
  • 2002 - First duplex acquired by Gefco for installation on 30K
  • 2002 - Centerline duplexes are run 24 hrs/ 7 days/ constant operation job to job in northern Canada in -40* F environment
  • 2002, 2003, 2004 - Pumps delivered across the US, Canada, Australia, and the Dominican Republic, installed on numerous makes and models of drill rigs and mud systems
  • 2003 - First duplex acquired by Versa-Drill for installation on drilling rig
  • 2003 - Comprehensive testing, performance evaluation and documentation done at Ingersoll-Rand manufacturing plant, Garland, Texas. Results in adoption of the Centerline pump as an optional offering on Ingersoll-Rand drilling rigs
  • 2004 - First Diesel Powered skid package with Centerline Triplex delivered to Canada
  • 2006 - Schramm installs Centerline duplex on Schramm rig, and adopts Centerline pump as optional offering on their line of drill rigs
  • 2006 - Atlas-Copco obtains US military acceptance Centerline mud pumps in lieu of Garner-Denver for first time
  • 2010 - US military issues specifications for drilling rig purchases requiring Centerline mud pumps on board
  • 2012 - For over a decade now, Centerline mud pumps have established themselves as the piston mud pump of choice throughout the US civilian and military drilling industry and are in daily operation on every inhabited continent on earth

Performance for performance, pound for pound, size for size, there is no smaller, lighter, or more reliable mud pump available.